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Stands for Amateur Swimming Association.

Age on Day

Is the swimmers age on the day of the competition, however where a competition take place over 2 or 3 days, it is usually the age on the final day of the competition. County, District and National Competitions are run as age on last day of competition.



BAGCATs stand for the British Age Group Categories,this is a points system to compare swimmers' performance. It is recommended young swimmers do not specialise in a particular event, but compete in an overall category. BAGCATs are four different categories, sprint, form, distance and medley.


 County Championships

Usually take place in February/March. We take part in the Yorkshire A.S.A County Championships. Qualifying times for each event can be found on the Yorkshire A.S.A website www.yorkshireswimming.org

Club championships

Take part in November/December each year. It is our main club event and takes part over four days.  All events are swum and it is an ideal opportunity to see how our swimmers have progressed during the year. Trophies are given out for winners and the event cumulates with the annual disco held in January.


We have numerous ASA qualified coaches at the club.


The committee meetings take place on the 1st Tuesday of each month with the A.G.M  (annual general meeting) held in December.

Cut off times

Are used when entering graded meets and ensures that swimmers who are too fast for the meet are unable to enter. This ensures a fairer competition for all. When entering an open meet you will be given cut off times along with the entry form.

Conversion times

Are when races are swum in different size pools. If a race is swum in a 50 metre pool times will be slighter slower as there are less turns.  Therefore to get a true time a conversion is available using the link on the website.   If opens are entered in a 50 metre pool the entry forms often ask for converted times.



Take place in June for the A.S.A North East region. The districts are the next step up from the counties with faster qualifying times. Qualifying times for each event can be found on A.S.A.N.E.R website (www.asaner.sportcentric.com)


Are used by senior swimmers. They are worn over your normal costume but are specially designed to fill with water when you swim to increase the drag. They can be a very effective way to increase your fitness but without having to swim further or longer.


Can obviously be very upsetting but can happen to any swimmers (even Olympic swimmers suffer disqualifications). Ensure you know what you are doing – the start, stroke, turn and finish all equate to possible disqualification so if you are unsure how to do something ASK. A member of coaching staff will always help you with any questions.

Dubai Charter

The debate about what swimmers should be wearing to compete has been thrashed out by FINA in Dubai and the new rules are now nicknamed “The Dubai Charter”.  Please take time to read the article on the following link.   The Dubai Charter (April 2009)



Are held to enable parents and swimmers to get to know each other better. The club is committed to been a friendly, approachable club and events are an integral part of this as it allows swimmers and parents to socialise away from the pool. Please check the notice board on a regular basis. Events include, ice-skating, disco and summer barbeque.



Can be found on the fixtures page. The list contains fixtures for the current year including all swimming leagues, opens, counties, districts and national competitions.


Are used during training sessions to build up leg muscles. These can be purchased from the swim shop.


Are payable by standing order to the club on a monthly basis and are calculated on a 48 week period to allow for breaks over summer and Christmas when the pool is not hired. Any holidays taken by yourself or missed sessions due to illness are still to be paid. Under exceptional circumstances for long term illness please see the coach.


Is very important to the club. Ideas are gratefully received and can be suggested to the fundraising secretary. A raffle is normally held at home galas and prizes are always welcomed. A club raffle is normally held in the summer and tickets are sent home with swimmers which we hope can be sold on the clubs behalf.



Graded meets are how open meets are usually categorized. The meets range from B/C grade meets, A/B grade meets to Level 1 meets. This ensures that swimmers compete against swimmers of similar capabilities. The coach will ensure you are entered into the correct level meet.



The club usually has two weeks in the summer and two weeks over Christmas where training is either cancelled or reduced. For this reason when club fees are calculated it is done so on a 48 week basis.


Stands for 'Heat Declared Winners'. This means that winners of an event are 'declared' from the times achieved in all the heats of an event, without having to swim in a separate final.


It is vitally important to remain hydrated while swimming. Drink regularly when training. It's advisable to increase your fluid intake a couple of days before a competition as a 2% reduction in hydration can lead to a 20% reduction in performance!!!








Are used during training sessions to help strengthen leg muscles. These can be purchased from the swim shop.


When taking part in a competition please ensure that you have duplicate items such as spare costume/trunks, towel, goggles and hat as it could lead to undue stress if you lose or damage one before an event and do not have a replacement.



That Scunthorpe Anchor currently swim in are Barnsley Minor League, Junior League, Lincs League. The criteria for competing is listed below


 Lincolnshire Junior League                     

Age Groups: 9, 10/u, 11/u, 12 years  (swimmers have to 9 years to take part)

Age is at last date of competition (usually a date in September )

Swimmers are selected for teams based on fastest times on current pb list

 Lincolnshire Water Polo & Team Swimming League (Lincs League)  

Age Groups: 10/u, 12/u, 14/u Open

Age is at 31st December

Swimmers are selected for teams based on fastest times on current pb list

The National Swimming League -East Midlands League           

Age Groups: 9-11, 13/u, 15/u, Open

Age is at 31st December

Swimmers are selected for teams based on fastest times on current pb list

 Barnsley Minor Swimming League

Age Groups: 10/u, 12/u 14/u, Open

Age is at the 30th September

Our team is selected to give swimmers experience of swimming in competition

(No swimmer, who has finished in the Top Eight of a County or Above Individual Event up to and including 200 metres, may swim that stroke in any event in the Barnsley Minor League for the rest of that season and the following season.  This does not apply to Masters events.)




I.M stands for individual medley, an event when a swimmer swims each of the four strokes in the following order: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle. 


Team medley is swum by a relay team and the order of stroke i different to the I.M and is as follows: Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Freestyle. (This is due to the start position when swimming backstroke and therefore handover couldn’t take place



A very important part of a swimmers discipline. Everyone needs a healthy diet to help them stay fit and well. A swimmers diet is based on a normal diet but with a few changes to cope with the extra work that you do.



Usually take place in July each year and are the next step up from the districts with the fastest qualifying times of all. Qualifying for the nationals is a fantastic achievement and we are very lucky to have swimmers at our club who have swum at the Nationals. Qualifying times can be found on the British Swimming website (www.britishswimming.org)


Open Meets

Are targeted by the club throughout the year.  In these competitions, swimmers swim as an individual and not as a team as in League galas, you pay a fee to enter the events. Entry forms are usually given out to swimmers, quite a few months ahead of the event, some competitions tend to get oversubscribed so it is important to get entries in early or the Host Club may be taking entries on a first come first served basis.   Sometimes the events have cut off times and you must have achieved the time to enter.  There are also ‘A’ & ‘B’ Graded Open Meets – these have set times for each grade, these give swimmers of different levels at chance of competing against one another.  If a swimmer enters the ‘B’ Grade and ends up with faster time than the time set, they are awarded ‘Speeding Tickets!’  At these competitions, trophies and medals are usually presented to those swimmers in the top 3 or top 6.    The Chief Coach selects all the competitions we attend, if he thinks a particular Open Competition will be of benefit to you he will give you an Entry form for you to complete and return to him.



Is a piece of kit used during training sessions to help strengthen arm muscles.

Press officer

Is responsible for any newspaper articles that are printed along with reports from competitions. Articles are submitted after every event but unfortunately it is then out of our hands as to whether it makes the paper.  When articles are submitted it is impossible to mention each individual swimmer and therefore if you are not mentioned it is of no detriment to yourself and everyone should know in their own mind that they have played an important part of the clubs and your own individual success.



Are something that everybody has and it is our aim to answer all queries or problems that anyone may have immediately. If there is something that you think we need to rectify please contact us immediately as if we do not know we are unable to put it right.


Qualifying for events is a fantastic achievement and the club strives to ensure our swimmers qualify for as many events as possible. Links for qualifying times can be found on the home page.



Are held by individual swimmers for each event who have broke a new record by swimming the event faster than any club member before.

Resistance Kit

Slows you down in the water to give your muscles a better workout. During our training sessions we use bands which fit around your feet, but perhaps the most popular piece of resistance kit is drag shorts (see appendix d for information)



For competition is made by the coach and his decision is made using an up to date P.B(personal best) list. Selection cards will be handed to swimmers prior to competitions and it is very important that you let us know asap whether you are available to swim at the competition.


Scunthorpe Anchor has been awarded Swim21 accreditation. Swim 21 is the ASA's Club Development model - a planning tool, based on the principles of Long Term Athlete Development, enabling clubs to help athletes, teachers, coaches and administrators to achieve their full potential. It focuses particularly on the needs of athletes - striving to provide them with the best possible support and environment.   Swim 21 Accreditation is a 'Quality mark'. It recognises nationally and regionally the clubs that are committed to providing safe, effective and quality services for the benefit of their members.


Are held by the club in July each year. Sprints means that each swimmer takes part in a 50m race in each stroke (swimmers in 6-9 category 25m only for butterfly). Trophies are given for age group winners in each category.

Speeding Tickets

Are given at open meets. Although it doesn’t sound great it is an achievement as you have finished your race quicker than the cut off time for the entered race.

Spearhead formation

Is the term given when competitors start a race with the fastest swimmer in the middle, surrounded by the next fastest either side and follows this formation to the outer lanes.



Training sessions

Are an important part of your ongoing development so regularly attending sessions will help you to improve your swimming. Swimming sessions that are available are listed under the training heading on the home page.




Without our club volunteers we would struggle to maintain the smooth running of the club. The club has many volunteers both working on poolside and behind the scenes. We are extremely grateful for these individuals who give up many hours of their time to make the club a success.  If you can spare some time to help the committee would be extremely grateful as we are always needing extra help. Please see a committee member for information.



An important communication method for our swimmers and parents. The website is updated on a regular basis and we hope to cover all aspects of our club and information needed to help the club run smoothly. If you have any ideas of information required on the site please do not hesitate to contact the website co-ordinator, Richard Gwynne (richardgwynne@msn.com). Any ideas will be gratefully received.

Welfare Officer

The club considers the welfare of our swimmers as a very serious matter and therefore rules are in place regarding anti bullying and child protection.   All coaching staff and poolside helpers undertake a CRB check before working with the swimmers.  If any swimmers or parents have any queries regarding this matter please contact Trevor Zimmerman, Welfare Officer.





Always make sure that you get plenty of rest before an important event. Swimmers who are tired will not swim to the best of their ability.