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The aim of the Scunthorpe Anchor coaching team is to support all of its swimmers in their competitive swimming journey whilst a member of the club.  

All swimmers are divided into three main squads; Development Squad, Potential Squad and Performance Squad. The squad a swimmer is a member of is initially decided according to their current level of ability and performance. Progression through these squads will be decided by the coaching team. Decisions will be made via continual assessment by the coaches and based on each swimmer’s technique, fitness and commitment. All squads have set training days and times.

Development Squad – coaching for these swimmers will be concentrated on the development of their stroke technique in all four strokes and increasing the swimmer’s overall aerobic fitness.

Potential Squad – these swimmers will continue to develop their stroke technique and aerobic fitness but their swim sets will be set at a different degree of difficulty. This is to develop the swimmer’s anaerobic capacity.

Performance Squad – these swimmers will have good technique in all four strokes before progression into this squad. Their training sets are focused towards reducing each swimmer’s personal best times. This is achieved by training at a high intensity level.

All training follows an annual plan to ensure that swimmers are at their peak level of ability when competing in targeted meets.

Scunthorpe Anchor Swimming Club currently competes in three swimming leagues; Lincs Junior, Lincs Senior and Barnsley Minors. We also regularly compete in various ‘Open Meets’. Swimmers will be given information regarding these as they approach but are encouraged to participate in these events to develop their confidence, competitiveness and enjoyment of the sport. Many of our swimmers achieve swim times that qualify them to compete in the County Championships and some also at District Championship level. This is an excellent achievement and we encourage all our swimmers to aim high and be the best they can be.


All squad members are to follow a basic code of conduct. This is to ensure all swimmers can benefit from the coaching provided.

ü  Coaches should be respected at all times

ü  Instructions given by the coaches should be followed

ü  Swimmers will not disrupt the swimming flow within their lane

ü  Bad behaviour in and out of the pool will not be tolerated

ü  Parents/Guardians of any swimmer that does not follow these simple requests will be informed of their child’s behaviour and agreed action will be taken

Ultimately the coaching team want each swimmer to enjoy their swimming training and time competing as part of Scunthorpe Anchor, whilst at the same time achieving their full potential in the sport.





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